There is a lot to consider when starting up a new venture. Here are some of the most asked questions. We may not have all your questions covered here, so we encourage you to enquire and we can discuss them in detail.

Authenticity is key in the fitness business. A passion for health and fitness, combined with the ability to execute a plan, collaborate, focus on excellence and the ability to create meaningful relationships and add value at every opportunity.

In a busy market, differentiation is key. We’ve harnessed the growing global functional training trend, combined it with the skill of boxing, one of the world’s oldest sports and made it the most convenient group personal training environment available. No class start times increases your membership capacity and reduces the barriers for a member to get started. Results from Science based workouts that vary everyday, skill development, celebration of member success and milestones, and technology that monitors and guides performance.

No. But to be on the gym floor, motivating and training clients yourself and staff will have to be a minimum of Cert Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainers.

Investing your time in the business is just as important as the capital investment. The most successful fitness businesses have active ownership. Whilst this does not mean necessarily the day to day operator of the club we expect that you will be a known figure within your club and participant in the greater community.

Certainly. We have a number of multi-site operators already and many single sites currently planning to grow further.

$200K - $220K inclusive of the initial franchise fee and exclusive of working capital.

Yes. Our Finance partner’s offer a pre-approved finance solution to help with initial capital requirements or future financing of equipment.

$40,000 + GST for a 5 year Franchise Agreement term.

Our royalty fee is 8% plus GST of Total Revenue, which ensures that we are incentivised for your success.

The best part of our percentage structure is that your royalties will always be inline with your revenue.